Feedback from a client

Please enjoy this recent feedback from a client of mine:

“This man is genius- a God-send, yet, I don’t know exactly what he believes about God sending anything.

Being in counseling with him was a pivotal turning point in my life. It saved me from the thinking patterns that were to be my own version of ‘ the end times.’

I found the courage to make the call, make the commitment, and sit in the chair. I decided to spend money I didn’t have for spending. I decided to do the gut churning work that it took to rise up and take the high road, when faced with this crossroad.

If I had avoided this for myself, and all those I loved….my choices would have meant a life quite similar to an agonizing death.

Mark is strange, and he reminds me of the Keith Sykes song,” I’m not strange, I’m just like you.” I wasn’t going to respond to the status quo, the ordinary arms length grey matter counselor, the common Ph.D in the granola-suit. After all, I knew I could ‘out-smart’ them.

I would arrive at the counseling sessions and sometimes I’d make a pit stop to throw up in the restroom from the anxiety of it all. I ‘d sit in the big chair known as the big hug and he’d pitch a box of Kleenex to me. And then the work of picking up that VERY heavy mirror would begin. I’d struggle and strain to lift it and the sharp realization of the weight of it all, would zing my body like raw electricity. I’d feel almost strong enough and eventually I’d lift that mirror to my face, only to realize that my eyes were closed. It took months, and time and patience from both of us; and Mark had to regularly ‘out-smart’ me. But, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

And what a God given teacher he was!
I admired his brilliance, his courage in the face of his own trials, his admission of his own pain, and his deep intuitive talent, as he led me through the dark jungle of my soul, and into a clearing. An artist is what it took to see me and guide me in the creative work of reshaping my very thoughts about myself, my destiny and my hope.

It didn’t matter what his version of God was.
I told him I was praying, and he said,”Good. You MUST continue that.”
It didn’t matter what my obsession was about the motives of the executioners of my soul.
He said,” You must never speak of their pain when you are here. This is about You. You deserve this time.”
It didn’t matter if he saw every wrinkle, every shame, every torn and battered place in my heart. Even under the blinding glare that felt like interrogation, He said, ” You are a beautiful light. You will always find love. You just can’t see it, because you’ve been living with your eyes closed, waiting for the slap that has been delivered to you, time & time again. But no more.”

It didn’t matter if I side stepped the pain, he made me look at it. It didn’t matter if I danced around the issue. He punched my dance card. It didn’t matter if I sobbed like a baby, he wiped my tears, and said,
” Good work! You are becoming a champion.”

So I felt like sharing this with you – because in my eyes, He is the champion, time and time again.
Believe me, this world is better, with Dr. Mark Weiss in it.
So I’m sending this because, I’m not strange, I’m just like you.
Enjoy this touching tribute from this jazz aficionado and performer, Dr. Weiss aka Dr. Scat.”