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  1. Robin Brooke
    Robin Brooke says:

    Oh I am SO honored that I would receive an invitation! And I am SO disappointed that I will not be able to make the date work. I am anticipating being in the UK at that time.

    BIG CONGRATULATIONS to you both!
    I think of you often.

    xoxo Robin

  2. Dianne Goldsmith
    Dianne Goldsmith says:

    Can’t wait…wouldn’t miss it! So excited to meet Nancy. Mazol Tov (spelling may b wrong, but, who cares! The sentiment’s still the same.) Glad ur medical is behind u….let’s party! dianne

  3. Sarah Stewart
    Sarah Stewart says:

    Congratulations! I am delighted to be invited to this wonderfull event and sorry that I will be unable to attend. But I sent love and joy to add to what will be all around.

  4. John Gary
    John Gary says:

    Hi Dr. Weiss,

    I would love to come to your wedding I hope it’s okay if I bring my girlfriend. Thank you so much and congratulations,

    John Gary

  5. John Gary
    John Gary says:

    Hi Dr. Weiss,

    I would love to come to your wedding, I hope it’s okay if I bring my girlfriend. Thank you so much and congratulations,

    John Gary

  6. Stephen Wachtel
    Stephen Wachtel says:

    Hey Mark:

    Congratulations !

    Our spiritual praxis will preclude our attendance at the ceremony, but we send our blessings and good wishes, and our hope that the sun does not burn out during or immediately after the ceremony.

    Gwen and I wish you and your bride a long life together — a life of peace and good times, joy and splendor, good health and good music.

    Oop bop de bop. Bop bop.


    Stephen and Gwen Wachtel

  7. Gabriel Scala
    Gabriel Scala says:

    Dr. Weiss! So very happy for you!! I’m living in Richmond, VA now, so I’m sorry to say I won’t be able to make it to your celebration. But please know that I’ll be thinking of you and sending you best wishes for many joyous years together!

  8. Gale (Doling) Thomas and David Peeples
    Gale (Doling) Thomas and David Peeples says:

    Hi Mark!!
    We will be more than happy to attend your wedding! Andrew, my 24 ur old son will go with us. See you on May 10! Love u mucho! Gale

  9. Charlotte Schioler
    Charlotte Schioler says:

    Dear Mark,

    Congratiolations! Who is the lucky one?? There is only you in the photo. very curious… and unfortunate, I won’t be able to make it, as I’ll be on my way to Europe, but I wish you a wonderful long lasting marriage.


  10. Sandy Kessler Michael Woolsy
    Sandy Kessler Michael Woolsy says:

    We would be so honored and happy to attend your joyful day
    Sandy and Michael

  11. Toot
    Toot says:

    Looking forward to celebrating with you both. Peace and love and chocolate all the days of your life!
    Toot and Clark

  12. Bob Hughes
    Bob Hughes says:

    Yes, God willing & Roger’s homeopathic remedies continue to work somehow. Waiting to hear from him re spring asthma. His remedies usually work, but 10 days of one ending Mon. didn’t completely this time & with the 70 degree weather it is getting progressively worse since I stopped. Alas. Getting younger is not as easy as it once was. Everyday is still a holiday.

    Congratulations. Looking forward to it.

  13. Laura Schmidt
    Laura Schmidt says:

    Oh Merlin Mark, you know I’d be there in a sec if I could! How exciting!! I couldn’t be more thrilled to hear the news. I wish you and Nancy a beautiful wedding celebration and start of a new life together as hubby wubby and wifey poo. Go get em, you rockstars!!
    hugs and love forever and ever,
    and Erik, too!

  14. Keith Allen, MMFT
    Keith Allen, MMFT says:

    Mark, I would sooo love to attend and celebrate this occasion with you and your bride. However, I moved to Thailand- Chiang Mai specifically. They love Jazz here- just saying!!

    With Joy,


  15. Eugene Tortora
    Eugene Tortora says:

    Mark, most wonderful best wishes to you!!! I’m also glad to see your procedure on the 28th apparently went well. Not likely we’ll make it out of California to join you but have a terrific party!! love, Jonesy (and Lois)

  16. Henry Kenworthy
    Henry Kenworthy says:

    Congratulations! That is wonderful news. Unfortunately Anne and I will not be able to attend but certainly wish you well in this new journey.

  17. Sherrie Barnes
    Sherrie Barnes says:

    Congratulations! Sadly, we will be unable to attend this joyous occasion. Truly, our best wishes!! Bill and Sherrie

  18. lynne and glenn dulken
    lynne and glenn dulken says:

    Big congratulations Mark! Thank you for including us and unfortunately we cannot be there. We wish you all the richness a healthy long term committed relationship can bring – Love and happiness, comfort and companionship, support and humility, peace and turmoil, passion and challenge, and the biggest opportunity to grow that we know. Much love, Lynne and Glenn

  19. Felix Pesce
    Felix Pesce says:

    Congratulations Dr Weiss! I couldn’t be happier for you! The way you live your life is an inspiration! I am tentatively planning a trip that weekend so I’m not sure yet if I can attend. I wish you and your future bride a lifetime of happiness!


    Felix Pesce

  20. Brenna Ragghianti
    Brenna Ragghianti says:


    I can’t wait! I am so happy for you that I couldn’t possibly describe it with mere words. You’ll just have to wait for a hug.

    I will be there with my lovely girlfriend, Brandie.

    Love, hugs, and laughter,


  21. Hal Jaffe
    Hal Jaffe says:

    I’m looking forward to being there wish the two of you much happiness for many years to come. Hal

  22. Linda Boggs
    Linda Boggs says:

    Hi Mark,
    Congratulations to you and Nancy! I’m sorry I won’t be able to join you at your wedding celebration. I wish you both a wonderful joy-filled life together.
    Love & Blessings,

  23. Marie Reilly
    Marie Reilly says:

    Hi Mark: Waited until the last minute to rsvp in the chance I could join you on this Super Saturday Celebration! Unfortunately, family graduations and get togethers are my fare this month. But I will be thinking of you and so wishing I could give you and your bride the biggest hug and wishes for a lovely life filled with happiness and joy. Love, Marie

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