Dr. Weiss sleeps through Lifetime Achievement Award

lifetime achievement award presentation by Linda HazelDr. Weiss was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Tennessee Association for Marriage and Family Therapy on February 22 at the TAMFT Annual Conference. He has been a devoted member of the organization, serving on the board and conducting presentations.

So here’s the story:

I have been a devoted member of the Tennessee Association for Marriage and Family Therapy for over thirty years. I have served on their board. I have heard many great speakers, the most notable for me being Dr. Richard Schwartz, founder of Internal Family Systems, an approach to psychotherapy that has truly changed my life.

This year I attended the 2013 Annual Conference. For thirty years I have attended every part of the conference. That includes the Town Hall Meeting, awards luncheon, et al.

Dr. Weiss accepts the awardThis year I was quite tired from the drive the night before. I decided to skip the awards luncheon and take a nap. When I returned to the conference center, people approached me, shook my hand and congratulated me.

I was mystified.

I found the organization president, Linda Hazel. She looked at me and in an exasperated tone said “Where have you been? We just awarded you the Lifetime Achievement Award.” What a time for snoozing.

The next morning, they formally awarded me the plaque. What a hoot, and what an honor.

Mark Weiss, Ph.D., LMFT

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  1. john voegler
    john voegler says:

    Mark–congrats–well deserved! It’s been a long time since we met–how time flies, maybe it’s time we meet again! Perhaps Steve Strauss has told you of my latest ailment–Parkinson’s Disease! It’s s real “pain”; however I am managing–maybe we “break bread” sometime?

    love & peace, john voegler

  2. Rebecca Block
    Rebecca Block says:

    Mark – congratulations!
    I am quite sure you have helped many, many families, just as you imprinted your processes on Buffalo Exchange.
    We will never leave the Five Points of Power, I Statements, Active Listening, and generally dealing with people with integrity, honesty, and direct feedback.


  3. joe bryak
    joe bryak says:

    Well, at least you didn’t sleep through it in front of the presenters! (smile)

    Meanwhile–Diane. Still heartbroken over the news. Memphis will never seem the same. I can’t speak of her without telling everyone else to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES! Get proper rest, exercise, a moderate diet and so forth and STAY HEALTHY FOR THE REST OF US–WE NEED EACH OTHER! Take care, joe

  4. Marie Reilly
    Marie Reilly says:

    Mark, this is a hoot! But what a well-deserved award; so glad there was a folllow-up. Congrats! Marie

  5. Claire Atkins
    Claire Atkins says:

    That’s what happens to party animals (er..I mean..long-distance drivers) who can’t hang with the Big Dogs anymore…their recovery time cuts into the next-day (zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…mouth hanging open).
    If you make it to the Grammy’s, get some No-Doze.
    Congratulations on achieving a lifetime—and the award. :)xo

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