EMDR is an acronym for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is an innovative clinical treatment that has successfully helped over a million individuals who have survived trauma, including sexual abuse, domestic violence, combat, crime, and those suffering from a number of other complaints including depressions, addictions, phobias and a variety of self-esteem issues.

EMDR is a complex approach to psychotherapy that integrates many of the successful elements of a range of therapeutic approaches in combination with eye movements or other forms of rhythmical stimulation in ways that stimulate the brain’s information processing system. With EMDR therapy it is unnecessary to delve into decades-old psychological material, but rather, by activating the information-processing system of the brain, people can achieve their therapeutic goals at a rapid rate, with recognizable changes that don’t disappear over time.

Fourteen controlled studies support the efficacy of EMDR, making it the most thoroughly researched method ever used in the treatment of trauma. The most recent 5 studies with individuals suffering from events such as rape, loss of a loved one, accidents, natural disasters, etc. have found that 84-90% no longer had post-traumatic stress disorder after only three treatment sessions. A recent study financed by Kaiser Permanente revealed that EMDR was twice as effective in half the amount of time compared to the standard traditional care. However, clients and clinicians should note that EMDR is not a race. While many people show dramatic responses in a short amount of time, there are also those who will progress more slowly and that the slower progression is not abnormal. For instance, those with multiple traumas such as molestation and combat veterans will generally need longer treatment. The one study offering a full course of treatment to combat veterans found that after twelve sessions, 77% no longer had PTSD. Just as in any therapy, we all progress at the rate appropriate to the individual and the clinical situation.

The major significance of EMDR is that it allows the brain to heal its psychological problems at the same rate as the rest of the body is healing its physical ailments. Because EMDR allows minds and body to heal at the same rate, it is effectively making time irrelevant in therapy. Given its wide application, EMDR promises to be the therapy of the future.

Therapeutic Strategies

Dr. Weiss uses a multitude of different therapeutic strategies learned and practiced over 40 years to help his clients accomplish what they desire.

With his vast experience, he can choose the most effective strategy to help his clients grow and succeed, whether working within a company or within the public system.

These are some of the most used therapeutic strategies:


Internal Family Systems

Water cooler talk

Emotional Freedom Technique

Conscious Breathing

Innerview Video Feedback

A Course in Miracles

Worlds Largest Baloon Sculpture


Test of Emotional Balance


The TEST OF EMOTIONAL BALANCE is designed to assist you in seeing the way you balance emotion and structure in your life. Take the test quickly without agonizing over the questions. You should select the sentence that is either more true or less false than the other. When you have completed it, click “SHOW RESULTS.”


Online Therapy


Dr. Weiss offers internet face-to-face coaching using NETMEETING or SKYPE. Participants must have a video camera and netmeeting software along with a microphone headset in order to engage in this process. Clients interested in pursuing this more intimate and direct way of communicating should contact Dr. Weiss at 901-454-0205 to arrange session times. For a fee, our office can provide you with a package including a video camera and CD with appropriate software designed for this work.

Executive Development

Mark Weiss, PhD conducts seminars and workshops on various topics, consults with business and educational institutions, corporate communication, human resource management, executive development, self-image, professional goal-setting and stress management. Innovative psychotherapeutic approaches, biofeedback and various other processes. Areas include adults, couples, families, children, adolescents, gays and lesbians. Provides service for divorce, depression, sexual issues, codependency and creative and practical problem solving. Negotiation skill training.
Office Information
Monday through Thursday 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


  • Self-awareness
  • Personal growth and effectiveness
  • Spiritual renewal
1. Identify source(s) of Negative Self-Talk
2. Conscious choice to stop listening to Negative Self-Talk
3. Conscious choice to listen to Voice of Spirit
4. Clear illustration of the effects of Negative Self-Talk
on emotions and self-esteem
5. Specific method for changing from Negative to Positive Self-Talk



• Trauma resolution
• Increased self-esteem
• Increased aliveness

1. Open communication between adult and inner child
2. Establishing a healthy relationship
3. Equalizing power in the relationship
4. Forgiveness in the relationship
5. Signing a mutual support contract


Eliminate symptoms of unresolved grief
a. Depression
b. Anxiety
c. Anger
1. Opening a communication between self and lost relationship
2. Establishing a healthy connection
3. A spiritual context for the connection
4. New and meaningful agreements that relieve grief and
establish support



• Innerview Executive Profile

Innerview Video Program

Successful Negotiation Training

Principles of Quality Communication

Cross-cultural Conversation

Innerview Stress Relief Training

Innerview Executive Retreats

Innerview Special Training Workshops


Marriage and Family Therapy

How does the therapy work?

By creating a safe and comfortable—while still challenging—environment, Dr. Weiss will guide you, as you begin the process of looking within and healing.

Individual Therapy

Dr. Weiss has proven to be highly successful in treating individuals for an array of conditions, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Unresolved Trauma
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • PTSD

Marriage and family therapy

Dr. Weiss provides a safe and productive setting for marriage and family therapy counseling. Areas that may be covered are:

  • Frustration
  • Anger
  • Jealousy
  • Communications issues

Education and licences

Ph.D., University of South Carolina, Counseling Psychology, 1970
M. Sc., University of Oregon, Human Development, 1968
B.A., California State University, Social Psychology, 1966

License/Certification in Marriage and Family Therapy
Licensed Marital and Family Therapist, Tennessee – License # 000040

Other Licenses/Certifications

Certified to coach Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster, Certified second level EMDR, Certified Brainwave Neurofeedback for treatment of ADD/ADHD, Certified Rebirther, Certified Trainer Effectiveness Training Associates…Parent and Leader Effectiveness Training

Member of Board, Tennessee Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Wrote articles for five years for Recovery Times. Recently published in Wellness Guide. Self published Looking Within: Recovering from the 20th Century.

Insurance Plans

Health Plan Participation
Baptist PPO
United Behavioral Health