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IN THE MEN’S REST ROOM I had a very dear friend named Georges. He originated Handy Dan Stores which morphed into Handy City Stores. As the company got larger, he hired a number of high powered executives who were more focused on the movement of money than they were in the kind of humanistic, hands-on […]

Inviting Ghosts Into Our Relationships

It is rumored among Marriage and Family Therapists that on the wedding night, there are at least six people in the wedding bed: the bride and her parents and the groom and his parents. We carry our parents into the bed unconsciously…their values, their relationship styles, their attitudes toward money, sex, parenting and life in […]

From the Desk of Dr. Weiss…

Occasionally a client will come to see me after having seen a number of therapists over the years.  They will often start the session by listing their ‘issues.’  Sometimes it is an issue with commitment or intimacy or organization.  I will suggest that we might call these ‘excuses’ in the sense that they are listing […]

God As We Understood Him

By Mark Weiss, Ph.D. The Twelve Step program in all its forms is the fastest growing spiritual movement in the western world. Last year, Time magazine reported that over fifteen million people were involved in ongoing Twelve Step programs and anticipated exponential growth. Spiritual abuse, the process by which religious dogma and concepts were used […]

A Little Background…

Who might this Dr. Mark Weiss be? Dr. Mark Weiss received his Ph.D in 1971 and has been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over thirty years. He recently served on the Board of the Tennessee Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Dr. Weiss has led over 500 business workshops and has done in-depth […]

Balancing Your Life – DVD

The Key to Healthy Communication in All Your Relationships “I found Dr. Weiss’ program on testing emotional balance a truly insightful and amazing work. In my case, the test pegged me perfectly. After listening to the program, I was able to gain personal insights that no one before had ever pointed out. In his warm […]